Aus- & Vortragen
Merchants Freely Enter Screening and artist talk with Ani Schulze


Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 7pm
Merchants Freely Enter Screening and artist talk with Ani Schulze

In her installations, films, and drawings, Ani Schulze (*1982) creates visual worlds in which history and stories are not told in a conventional manner, but rather encircled in dreamlike images. For example, abandoned architectural structures or cultivated landscapes are scanned by means of a camera and then slowly revealed in her films in the form of rhythmic sequences. With the places she shows, Schulze explores the (failed) utopias of modernism as well as the relationship between man and nature. She examines social developments both past and present using the latest media technology, such as drones, as well as visual formulas and pictorial traditions drawn from landscape painting or comics.

As part of the lecture series AUS- & VORTRAGEN, Ani Schulze will show the work Aerial Vortices (2015) and her latest film Merchants Freely Enter (2017), which was created during her artist residency at Schloss Ringenberg. Within this context, she will speak about forces of gravity, bird’s-eye views, camouflage, Robobirds, picnics, cornfields, and surveillance panoramas.

The lecture will take place in German. Please note that the event will be filmed.
Admission €4 / concessions €2. Free for members.

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Image: Ani Schulze, Finding the fawn, 2017, 50 x 30 cm, paper collage, courtesy the artist
© Ani Schulze

Aus- & Vortragen
Lecture by the artist Thomas Wachholz

ThomasWachholz_CMYK KKV TW

Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7pm
high-density Lecture of the artist Thomas Wachholz

Thomas Wachholz (* 1984, lives and works in Cologne) examines the general conditions of industrial, handicraft, and artistic production in his formally reduced works. His works are imbued with conceptual thought and particularly emphasize both the significance and necessity of personal choice and social interaction. Wachholz’ practice is reminiscent of the efficient structuring of everyday work, the functionality and monotony of which fascinates him. For each of his groups of works, he defines a set of rules that describes processes within which materials, substances, or participants respond to each other. For example, he rubs off the color of a printed banner, creates a drawing by means of lighting matches, or has a billboard continuously rehung. Even though the linear production processes may seem unromantic, it is precisely in this that the poetry of the works lies. There is no going back in its process – Wachholz, however, sounds out the depths within the conditions that have been imposed upon it. In this way, the subjective is absorbed into the works and becomes perceptible in details and nuances.

Thomas Wachholz will introduce his practice at the event and also show an installation that was developed in cooperation with Juliane Duft and realized especially for the Kölnischer Kunstverein.

The lecture will take place in German. Please note that the event will be filmed.
Admission €4 / concessions €2. Free for members.

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Photo: Thomas Wachholz, CMYK, 2012, 02:03 min (film still); © Thomas Wachholz

Aus- & Vortragen
Lecture by the artist Jonathan Monk


Wednesday, November 11, 2017, 7pm
One Year Lecture by artist Jonathan Monk

Jonathan Monk (*1969, Leicester, UK) became known through his appropriation and restructuring of works of Minimal and Conceptual Art, or also Postmodernism. His artistic work – now an integral part of the international scene – has been characterized since the beginning by an analytical acumen that is generally broken by a humorous tone. In his wall works, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and films, he explores the concept of the original as well as the cult of the personality that dominates the art world, or aspects of homage and reference. Monk’s works are always associated with the objective of paying respectful tribute to the person quoted, while demystifying their practices in the same way. Time and time again, he shows in the gaps opened up by his rewritings, transformations and shifts that the personal is also a motor of artistic production.

In the lecture One Year, the British artist will speak about his work with a special focus given to works produced over the last twelve months.

The lecture will take place in English. Please note that the event will be filmed.
Admission €4 / concessions €2. Free for members.

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Photo: Jonathan Monk

Aus- & Vortragen
Installation and artist talk by and with Matthias Sohr

Aus- und Vortragen. Matthias Sohr

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, 7pm
Installation and artist talk by and with Matthias Sohr

Matthias Sohr (* 1980) appropriates frequently overlooked objects and signs from everyday spaces. In his installations, he liberates stair lifts, handrails, circuit boards, and language from their intended use so that they appear technically cool and “uncannily” autonomous without a reference to the human body. Their forms appear aesthetically reduced in the context of an art space, perhaps even elegant. Since the objects point to their surroundings, they deliver formal references to minimal art. As post-minimalist implementations, however, they cast shadows back to their places of use. The relationship between object and viewer, the human body and technology, is re-experienced through its psychological, emotional dimension.

Matthias Sohr will guide visitors through his installation as part of the Aus- und Vortragen event, which is curated by Juliane Duft.

Please note that the event will be filmed. We would also like to point out that the event space is not barrier-free. Please let us know in advance if we can support you in your visit in this respect.

Admission €4 / concessions €2. Free for members.

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Image: Matthias Sohr, Generational 2016, Courtesy the artist and ACUD gallery, Berlin
Photo: Eric Bell

Cameron Jamie
Bodies, Faces, Heads
21. 10 – 10. 12 2017


Cameron Jamie: Bodies, Faces, Heads 
21. October – 10. December 2017

Opening: Friday, 20. October 2017, 6-8pm

With Bodies, Faces, Heads, the Kölnischer Kunstverein presents Cameron Jamie’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. Born in Los Angeles in 1969 and currently based in Paris, Jamie has built a body of work over a good 25 years using an enormous variety of media: It comprises wood sculptures, ceramics, drawings, prints, photographs, films, artist’s books, and musical productions.

One of his central themes is identity as the existential foundation of the individual, which is generated by social and anti-social codes. Jamie’s view of marginalized realities and magically obscure rituals that embody the hidden side of our society is both analytical and immersive at the same time: Jamie himself is partly shaped by the subcultures that he transforms artistically. His creative process is, therefore, anything but scientific or coolly calculated – Jamie follows a spontaneous, psychologically inspired search for form, the result of which is deeply personal while giving off an archaic, primitive atmosphere at the same time. It is about states of being and consciousness instead of concrete connections of meaning.

The Kölnischer Kunstverein is presenting five groups of works revolving around the topic of the body and nature, all produced between 2008 and 2017. The group Smiling Disease (2008) consists of large-format wooden masks in the tradition of the Austrian Alpine region of Bad Gastein. Jamie produced them in collaboration with a professional wood carver who re-interpreted Jamie’s drawings and lent them a grotesque, deformed countenance. Ceramics on metal pedestals are shown in the second room, ghostly figures hand-produced by the artist that intertwine with the organic flow of the plinth forms in the third room. The direct, powerful treatment of the clay, the pulsating variety of form, and the elaborate glazing all allow the figures to lead a life of their own like alien beings in the room.

A series of ceramic masks hangs on the walls, their interiors presenting as peculiar, hollow faces, like monotypes that evoke a variety of floral and figurative associations. Each work on paper is unique and contains several layers of drawings and colors – a characteristic that reflects Jamie’s creative process in general: erasing, overwriting, destroying, and restoring are fundamental features inherent in each of his works.

Cameron Jamie’s previous solo exhibitions have included the Kunsthalle Zürich in Zürich (2013), the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles (2010), the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes (2009), and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (2006). He has also been part of group exhibitions like The Absent Museum at Wiels Center of Contemporary Art in Brussels (2017), the Lyon Biennale (2015), the Berlin Biennale (2010 and 2008), and the Venice Biennale (2005). His work was first shown at Kölnischer Kunstverein within the framework of the exhibition Keine Donau: Cameron Jamie, Peter Kogler, Kurt Kren (2006).

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Das Ausstellungsprojekt wird mit großem Engagement begleitet und unterstützt von
Andra Lauffs-Wegner & KAT_A

Picture: Cameron Jamie, 2017, 111 x 86 cm. Photo: David Regen

Jahresgaben 2017

AnneSpeier_KKV17_FotoSimonVogel_Jahresgaben 492017-JAHRESGABEN_171123_S1

The works could be seen in the exhibition and on our a href=””>homepage.

Please note the following regarding the Jahresgaben ordering process:

Each order must be IN WRITING AND IS BINDING. Please use the order form underneath each individual work and follow the steps indicated there. Reservations are not possible.

The purchase of the current Jahresgaben is EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEMBERS OF THE KÖLNISCHEN KUNSTVEREIN. Orders from non-members can only be considered if at the same time a membership application is submitted. After a one year non-members can purchase the previous “aktuelle Jahresgaben”.

THE LOT DECIDES for all orders submitted before December 10, 2016, 6 P.M. for works where there is more orders than works available. You will be notified by us.

Please understand that you can only receive the work AFTER PAYMENT OF THE INVOICE. The works can be picked up at the Kunstverein or sent to you upon request by courier at YOUR OWN EXPENSE. For personal collection, please make an appointment in advance, so that we can pack the piece suitable for transport.

Please note that we notify the names and addresses of each purchaser on request the artist.