Lena Anouk Philipp: Ums Mark reisen

Lena Anouk Philipp: Ums Mark reisen

Lena Anouk Philipp: Ums Mark kreisen 2017.

Oil, watercolor on canvas
70 x 80 cm
Unique piece
signed, dated

The drawings, paintings and paper sculptures by Lena Anouk Philipp are composed of animal, human and organic elements that meet with ease in fabulous visual narratives. Her formal language originates from dream images and the subconscious. The colors are often dominated by glowing red and yellow tones, the accompanying titles reveal an affinity to poetry. In the three-part series of works for the Kunstverein, more or less concrete physical forms appear: An ear, an inner organ that cannot be clearly determined, a horse’s foot, wings? The figurative dissolves into abstraction, fuses, shimmers, and creates obstinate hybrid beings.

Lena Anouk Philipp (*1985 in Lörrach, lives in Cologne) studied painting with Michael Krebber and Christa Näher at the Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf. She showed her work in solo exhibitions at Il Caminetto, Hamburg (2018), Opelvillen, Rüsselsheim (2015), Running Residency, London (2014) as well as in selected group exhibitions at Lovaas Projects, Munich (2020), Ralph’s, Cologne, Salon Gallery, Berlin (both 2019), Braunsfelder, Cologne (2018), Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (2017) and the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main (2014).

€ 800,00
Lena Anouk Philipp: Ums Mark reisen, 2017. Photo: Mareike Tocha.