Bader: [white] towel, 2015

DARREN BADER: [white] towel
dimensions variable*
6 + 1 AP
€ 2.500,-

The work is a new** white*** bath**** towel. The towel can be used by its owner however s/he chooses, although it’s recommended the towel be worn at times. The towel can be replaced at any time, although it’s recommended it be used for some time before being replaced. The work is never more than one towel at a time.

*A white towel of a certain size will provided with the purchase of the work. It’s recommended this towel be the one used for some time. After that, replacements***** can be used, the size of which can vary from the original towel provided.
**New meaning unused and unwashed. New being new for a finite moment only, the work will remain the work even after this finite moment has likely ended. If a towel is replaced, it needn’t be replaced with a new towel.
***I.e., entirely white.
****Pool towels are ok too.
*****It’s highly recommended replacements be of a quality that isn’t especially good (much like the first new white towel that is/was the work).


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