Erkmen: Blue Air 1-3, 2019

Ayse Erkmen_2019.12.05_Koelnischer-Kunstverein_22.web

Ayşe Erkmen: Blue Air 1-3, 2019
Mouth-blown glass, diameter approx. 52 cm
3 unique pieces
EUR 4.000 each

Ayşe Erkmen creates installations and sculptures, that enter into a relationship with space, often through language and sound. It is not only the spatial embedding of weight, but above all the social-spatial embedding, which is supposed to stimulate various associations of the recipients. In this way, an important part of Ayşe Erkmen’s work is constituted by individual perspectives as well as misunderstandings and breaks in perception.

Ayşe Erkmen (*1949 in Istanbul, lives in Istanbul and Berlin) was represented in solo exhibitions at the Arter Museum in Istanbul (2019), Kunsthal 44 Moen in Akeby (2015), The Barbican in London (2013), K 21 in Düsseldorf (2008), The Physical Room in Christchurch (2006), Sculpture Center in New York (2005) and Palais de Beaux-Arts in Brussels (2004). She participated in various group exhibitions, among them Skulptur Projekte in Münster (1997 and 2017) and Venice Biennale (2011).


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