Jahre: Unlimited Edition (Artists – Books – Libraries (19 Portraits)), 2000


Lutz Jahre: Unlimited Edition (Artists – Books – Libraries (19 Portraits)), 2000
Book and various works in a box with laminated book cover with embossing (included): Elsbeth Arlt, Lutz Fritsch, Heimo Zobernig/Ernst Strouhal, Katrin von Maltzahn, Peter Wütherich, Jan Svenungsson), Box 15 x 24 x 3 cm
Edition: 20 of which 1 copy for the Kunstverein
EUR 900

Edited by Lutz Jahre, this edition combines 19 artist portraits in the form of various artistic works, from drawings and photographs to text works. Included are a gouache work by Elsbeth Arlt, 22 brush drawings by Lutz Fritsch, exhibition photographs by Heimo Zobernig / Ernst Strouhal, colour photographs by Katrin Maltzahn, a photograph mounted on aluminium by Peter Wüthrich and an etching by Jan Svenungsson.







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