As a guest:
reiheM – Concert Series for Contemporary Music, Electronics and New Media
December 6, 7 and 13,


As a guest at the Kölnischer Kunstverein:
reiheM – Concert Series for Contemporary Music, Electronics and New Media

Friday, December 6, 2019, 7 – 11 pm and Saturday, December 7, 2019, 11 am – 7 pm
Music from a Frontier Town
Sound and video installation

Friday, December 6, 7.30 – 8 pm
Michaela Melián in conversation with Prof. Anke Ortlepp

Re-education. 1,630 vinyl records from the remainder of the public library of the Munich Amerikahaus (1945–1997) are at the centre of Michaela Melián’s sound and video installation “Music from a Frontier Town”. Visitors are invited to personally select this find from the basement—a selection of jazz, spoken word, classical and new music LPs from the 1950s and 1960s, with which the USA presented itself as a pluralistic cultural nation—and to play it on a DJ console. The Munich artist, musician and radio playwright Michaela Melián, who has received many awards, is known for her often expansive multimedia exhibitions and concerts.

In collaboration with the Department of North American History of the Historical Institute of the University of Cologne.

Admission is free.

Friday, December 13, 2019, 6 – 10 pm
(Admission possible at any time)
For modified chessboard and live-electronics (German premiere)

Chess players: Holger Lieff, Endre Tot, N.N.
Musicians: Peter Behrendsen, hans w. koch, Tobias Grewenig, Dirk Specht

Highlight at the end of the reiheM–Anniversary year 2019—With 4 hours of “Reunion after Cage”. This 114th event completes the circle of the very first reiheM event in January 2009: “Variations on Variations after John Cage” (also by and with Peter Behrendsen and hans w. koch).

John Cage’s REUNION for prepared chessboard and live electronics was first performed in Toronto in 1968: with Marcel Duchamp, John Cage and Teeny Duchamp as chess players as well as the musicians David Behrman, Lowell Cross, Gordon Mumma and David Tudor. The distribution of sounds in space and their volume are determined by the positions of the chess pieces, not by the musical and taste preferences of the musicians. Even the chess players are not able to influence the music by certain moves or positions.
In the sense of Cage’s idea of an egoless, non-intentional music, winning or losing becomes secondary—”a purposeful purposelessness or a purposeless play”.
The chessboard used in this performance follows the original Lowell Cross constructed in assigning the fields to the inputs and outputs, but was equipped with modern technology (computer programming and MIDI).
The chess game is flanked by thematically relevant projections of works by the artists Takako Saito and Shigeko Kubota.

A project by Peter Behrendsen and hans w. koch.

Admission fee: 10,- / 8,-

Further information:

Reihe M – Concert Series for Contemporary Music, Electronics and New Media – Cologne is organized by Mark e.V. and supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.