Après Crépuscule

Après Crépuscule

Aprés Crépuscule, Kölnischer Kunstverein 2009, Installation view, photo: Simon Vogel

Exhibition with statements by J. Louis Again, Michael Bracewell, Enrico David, Devine & Griffiths, Christian Flamm, Julian Göthe, Benoit Hennebert, Julia Horstmann, Linder, Lucy McKenzie, Claus Richter, Hanna Schwarz, Claude Stassart, Lawrence Weiner, Detlef Weinrich, Denyse Willem.

The small Belgian record company Les Disques du Crépuscule created an astonishingly effective, yet hardly systematically explored cultural phenomenon on the fringes of pop and high art.

In the course of the pop music New Wave, the label created an identity from the beginning of the 80s, consisting of contemporary music, cover texts and a unique visual presentation. Chief designer Benoit Hennebert and his colleagues created a shimmering style from the play with ideas of early modernity, old advertising graphics and the comic style of the “Ligne Claire”.

The label Œuvre had a musical influence that extended beyond limited scenes in Japan alone. And although artists such as Lawrence Weiner, Linder and Denyse Willem contributed works to Les Disques du Crépuscule, there was no closer connection to the Brussels gallery scene of the 1980s. In recent years, however, artists such as Enrico David, Christian Flamm, Julia Horstmann, Lucy McKenzie, Claus Richter, Hanna Schwarz, and Detlef Weinrich have been making direct references to the label, its music, and its graphics.

It is important to investigate this exciting, because immediate and yet mostly hidden, history of impact. The exhibition is therefore divided into two parts: In the exhibition hall, works by Linder, Lawrence Weiner, Benoit Hennebert and others will be on display that were created during the label’s active period, as well as works by young international artists who deal with the label in their current perspective. In the seminar room on the third floor, visitors are offered further historical documents, archive materials, photos, videos and music for active study.