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Hoi Köln

Part 2: In the Belly of the Machine

2.12.2023 – 21.1.2024

Opening: Friday, December 1, 6 pm

Marie Angeletti, Monika Baer, BLESS, Vittorio Brodmann, Jakob Buchner, Milena Büsch, Merlin Carpenter, Matthias Groebel, Fischli Weiss, Hansi Fuchs, Sophie Gogl, Hamishi Farah, Jacqueline Humphries, Dozie Kanu, Nora Kapfer, Morag Keil, Emil Michael Klein, Maggie Lee, Lorenza Longhi, Alan Michael, Kaspar Müller, Vera Palme, Gunter Reski, Jean-Frédéric Schnyder, Dennis Scholl, Nolan Simon, Lucie Stahl, Megan Francis Sullivan, Alfred d’Ursel, Amelie von Wulffen, Jie Xu, Barbara Zenner, Damon Zucconi

Artificial intelligence is making great strides, generative systems are reaching new heights of image and text production. But what does it mean for painting if it can be produced by computing robots?

In the past, technological advances often marked the beginning of long periods in which art shed its skin in revolutionary transformation. Before these advances, human beings could still flatter themselves that the privilege of creating things was theirs alone. After them, when they suddenly found themselves overtaken by technology, they had to confront their own limitations. Impressionism emerged form art’s dialogue with the new invention of photography, while a great deal of postmodern painting was inspired by the experience of computers. Right now we stand at the dawn of another period of this kind, in which human-made art must struggle against its own reflection in technology. What are these machines capable of, and what are the limits of their capabilities? By posing the question of how they differ from machines, and by finding their own niche, human beings can engage with technology to achieve a better understanding of themselves.

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Curated by Valérie Knoll

The exhibition in genereously supported by:

Photo: Mareike Tocha

Member’s Edition 2023

2. – 17.12.2023

Opening: Friday, December 1, 6 pm

Marie Angeletti, BLESS, Milena Büsch, Peter Fischli, Sylvie Fleury, Ryan Gander, Lorenza Longhi, Kaspar Müller, Vera Palme, Gunter Reski, Franz Erhard Walther, Nicole Wermers, Amelie von Wulffen, Barbara Zenner

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Photo: Lorenza Longhi