DIE LETZTEN IHRER ART – Eine Reise zu den Dinosauriern des Kunstbetriebs (THE LAST OF THEIR KIND – A jorney to the dinosaurs of the art industry)

DIE LETZTEN IHRER ART – Eine Reise zu den Dinosauriern des Kunstbetriebs (THE LAST OF THEIR KIND – A jorney to the dinosaurs of the art industry)

The Last Of Their Kind, announcement for the cooperation of the Kunstvereine 2010

Cooperation of the Kunstvereine Düsseldorf – Köln – Bonn

For the first time, the Kunstvereine Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne have developed a joint event and catalogue project to discuss the institutional challenges facing Kunstvereine in the 21st century. At their core, Kunstvereine are bourgeois institutions that developed in the pre-March of the 19th century as a committed response to the aristocratic salons. But what happens when we realize that in our post-bourgeois society, association culture, civic engagement and federal logics are experiencing a loss of significance, and how does this affect Kunstvereine?

Alluding to Douglas Adams’ travelogue The Last of Their Kind, we present art associations as a perhaps endangered, but also special and very worthy of preservation species and examine them in various events in Bonn, Cologne, and Düsseldorf.


Bonn Art Association
26 June – 29 August 2010
in cooperation with tranzit, Prague
Friday, 25 June, 19.45 Opening

Cologne Art Association
26 June – 5 September 2010
in cooperation with Chisenhale Gallery, London
Friday, 25 June, 7 pm Opening

Art Association for the Rhineland and Westphalia, Düsseldorf
26 June – 22 August 2010
in cooperation with Overgaden, Copenhagen
Friday, 25 June, 19.30 Opening


Friday, 25 June, from 10 pm
joint party at the Kölnischer Kunstverein, Die Brücke, Hahnenstraße 6, 50667 Cologne. Music with CHRISTIAN NAUJOKS.

Sunday, 27 June, 12 noon, at the Kölnischer Kunstverein, theatre hall
Subject and society
Artist talk with MELANIE GILLIGAN
Polly Staple, director of the Chisenhale Gallery, London, will talk to MELANIE GILLIGAN about the background of the new film production “Popular Unrest” and ask her about her working methods and her collaboration with the twelve leading actors involved. It will be as much about MELANIE GILLIGAN’s reflections on the relationship between the individual and society and the economisation of social relations as it will be about her inspiration from television.

Wednesday, 30 June, 7 pm, location: Bonner Kunstverein
Altruism as a working principle for independent art institutions in the Czech Republic
Exhibition tour and discussion with Stephan Strsembski and Noemi Smolik Stephan Strsembski, curator of the exhibition, and Noemi Smolik, art critic and connoisseur of the Czech art scene, lead through the exhibition ALTRUISM and discuss the situation of independent art institutions in the Czech Republic, their genesis and working methods in comparison to art associations in the German-speaking world.

Thursday, 1 July, 7 pm, Location: Art Association for the Rhineland and Westphalia, Düsseldorf
Other countries, other institutions.
Interview with Henriette Bretton-Meyer
Art associations exist only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What do comparable institutions in the rest of Europe look like? And what distinguishes an art association from the perspective of those who know this model only from a distance? Henriette Bretton-Meyer, Director of Overgaden in Copenhagen, discusses with Vanessa Joan Müller, Director Kunstverein Düsseldorf

Wednesday, 7 July, 7 pm, Location: Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf
Kunstverein: today, tomorrow, yesterday
Interview with Wulf Herzogenrath and Florian Waldvogel
Prof. Wulf Herzogenrath, director of the Kunsthalle Bremen, and Florian Waldvogel, director of the Kunstverein in Hamburg, discuss current perspectives of the institution Kunstverein, productive crises of the past and models for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 August, 7 pm, Place: Kölnischer Kunstverein, Theatersaal
Civic engagement as a way out of the crisis
Interview with Loring Sittler, Future Fund of Generali Deutschland
The Future Fund of Generali Deutschland is dedicated to promoting civic commitment and, in view of demographic change, concentrates in particular on the commitment of older people. In an interview Loring Sittler will explain to what extent this orientation can be an answer to the current transformation of tasks in the fields of politics, business and civil society and will present the Engagement Atlas 09.